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Your Personalized Employee Benefits Program

Get comprehensive benefits for your company and employees, plus access a wide range of additional perks and discounts across Canada.

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A Unique Way to Create Custom Employee Benefits

Most employee benefit programs are reactive and engage a minority of staff only a few times per year.

The GroupBenefitz Platform is different

We believe in a holistic and proactive approach to benefits where we support employee health and wellbeing so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest. It’s simply good business to take care of the mental, physical and financial health of staff. As you look ahead, this holistic programming will also be foundational in attracting and retaining the best talent in the workforce.

Supported and used by some of the most forward thinking and progressive benefits advisors in Canada, the GroupBenefitz System is the ultimate solution in keeping employers up to date on the newest and most innovative core and voluntary benefits programing.

Employee Benefits for Everyday Life

GroupBenefitz makes it easy for employees to access the important group coverage information they need, while also taking advantage of benefits that make their lives better and more satisfying.

With GroupBenefitz, your employees get:

Why Employees Love GroupBenefitz

By using our personalized platform you can help your employees stay engaged and active, building lasting workplace culture.

  • Important coverage information across all providers in one place
  • Discounts from major Canadian brands
  • Great local deals
  • Cash back offers
  • Full data security
  • Access from any device, anywhere!

Why Employers Love GroupBenefitz

Our platform is flexible and designed for companies of all sizes and can be personalized specifically to your needs.

  • No cost to your company
  • Be an instant hero to employees
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Incredible savings for employees
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