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Merchant Partnerships: Grow Your Business

Are you a merchant partner with an exciting product or service for employees or employers? GroupBenefitz can help you generate new customers through engaging with benefit advisors and their corporate clients.

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Grow Your Business With GroupBenefitz

The GroupBenefitz Platform is Canada’s first and only personalized benefits and rewards shopping platform*.
It lets companies drive new levels of employee engagement by accessing unique rewards, discounts and perks.

For businesses like yours, it’s also the opportunity to connect with new and existing customers like never before, getting your brand in front of users who are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

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Why GroupBenefitz?

  • Hyper local targeting in your area
  • Connect with new and existing customers
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes
  • Works for virtually any business in Canada
  • Simple to set up, use and maintain
  • Robust reporting, insights and transparency
  • Secure data transfers to protect customer information
  • Easily promote your key products & services

Get started today and discover how you reach new customers and grow your business by using the GroupBenefitz Platform.

Leverage GroupBenefitz
to boost employee engagement today!

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